Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gardening Wright

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." ~Frank Lloyd Wright

Meditation bench overlooking the St. Joseph River, Carl Schultz house / Cindy La Ferle

Gardening in my pajamas always tops my list of things that make me happy in the summer. My morning ritual begins early: I brew a pot of coffee, grab my favorite mug and the dog, then head to the garden to see what needs weeding, pruning, or watering.

Zen garden at the Carl Schultz house / Cindy La Ferle
Today I'm sharing a few garden photos I took yesterday morning at our second home in St. Joseph. Designed in 1957 for Carl Schultz, it was the last building Frank Lloyd Wright designed in Michigan before his death. During the restoration process, Doug and I learned that the house once had an Asian rock garden, which was overgrown with myrtle and ivy by the time we purchased it nine years ago.

I've always been drawn to Asian gardens, so I was excited about the possibility of uncovering and "reinterpreting" the original rock garden, located just outside the master bedroom. I also wanted to add a stone meditation bench that would overlook the St. Joseph River, which flows past the property. With that in mind, Doug and I hired Arcadia Gardens for the project -- and they did a beautiful job making that vision a reality.

Cindy La Ferle
Just as I do at home in Royal Oak, I always rise early when we're "out west" in St. Joseph. I love waking up to the view of the sun rising over the river. And just as I'd planned, the stone meditation bench at the end of the Zen garden is the perfect spot for planning the day ahead.  

To read an essay I wrote for The Christian Science Monitor about our decision to buy our Frank Lloyd Wright home, please click here.  To read more about the Carl Schultz house and to view photos of the interiors (and Doug's extensive renovations), visit the Carl Schultz House web site. ~CL
Zen garden detail, Carl Schultz house / Cindy La Ferle


  1. Love the garden and the subject. It must be so peaceful there.

    1. Thank you, Tina -- it is peaceful there. As you know, FLW always designed his home to work with nature, using the site to full advantage. We have a lovely view of the woods in the ravine below the house, plus the river.

    2. Nice to have that escape when you need to get away from things.