Saturday, July 22, 2017

Growing yourself

"You can't be in growth and protection at the same time." ~Dr. Bruce Lipton

 Cindy La Ferle

After reading the above quotation on a poster in my chiropractor's office, I haven't stopped thinking about growth and change. 

Growing up in the 1950s and '60s, I was raised to appreciate loyalty and tradition -- the ease and comfort of keeping a routine, year after year. My father worked in the same industry for his entire career and always voted Republican, even when "Tricky Dick" Nixon ran for president. When my mother found a product or a brand she liked, she repurchased it every time she needed more of it. Likewise, I believed my best pals in grade school would be "forever friends," and I pledged my lifelong devotion to them. 

By the time I got to college, however, I figured out that life is always changing -- and that if you're growing, learning, and evolving along with it, your loyalties are bound to change too. And that's not such a bad thing. 

You might discover that you need a better job (or an entirely different career) than the one you chose when you were young and inexperienced. Sometimes the products you've been using for years stop producing the results you want, and it's time to try something new. Sometimes you discover that a few of your old friendships no longer fit as comfortably as they once did, or that you've lost common ground. Sometimes your boss or your national leaders disappoint you, or do something you believe is wrong, and your loyalty feels rightfully misplaced. 

All said and done, when you're serious about growing yourself and improving your life, you're going to change your mind and change direction from time to time. You can either choose to remain safe while sticking to your old patterns, or you can take the risks that positive change will ask of you. ~CL


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