Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rewriting our stories

"The only way to change negative thought patterns -- the stories we've told ourselves over and over -- is to tell ourselves a different story, and to do it as many times as we heard the first story." ~Allison Fallon 

Old stories / Cindy La Ferle


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Are you still telling the same old life stories? Are you feeling stuck in the past, or defined by the "roles" assigned in your family? Do you still believe in the cultural fairy tales that don't reflect the woman you've become -- or want to be?  

I'm excited about my new writing and personal growth workshop, "Your Story, Your Power," based on the book, Your Story Is Your Power: Free Your Feminine Voice, by Elle Luna and Susie Herrick. The workshop will be held at the Royal Oak Public Library on Monday, September 24.  

In this one-night class, we'll explore the cultural and family myths that overshadow our personal growth or keep us from living by our own lights. Please note that this class is for women only; no writing experience is necessary. For additional details and to register for the class, please visit the ROPL Web site:

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