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As a lifestyles columnist, I’ve been concerned about new research on how social media use impacts our mental health, productivity, and well-being. I’m also watching new developments in social media privacy issues.
Which is part of the reason I decided to create this personal blog. I like to think of it as an online journal, a place where I can share whatever strikes my interest at the moment — new books I’m reading, political musings, family updates, inspirational quotes, photos of my gardens and places I’m visiting — and anything else I’d share with good friends. I’ll continue to use Cindy La Ferle’s Home Office strictly as a professional resume and for writing workshop announcements. 

In this space, I'll occasionally post essays or a few random notes on what I've been doing or thinking lately. On other days, I'll simply share one of my photos with a quotation -- and let you "interpret" the post any way you like. 
The advantage of keeping a personal blog, in my view, is that it’s not as “in your face” as most social media activities. Readers can choose to bookmark or subscribe to this blog — or totally ignore it — which frees me to post content more candidly. I don't keep track of subscriptions to my posts, nor am I trying to build an audience. (Unlike Facebook, privacy settings here are easier for me to handle.) 

I’ve simply created this space in response to friends, readers, and family members who tell me they miss my postings on Facebook.
Thanks so much for visiting, and I always welcome your comments. 
Cindy La Ferle

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