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As a lifestyles columnist, I’m concerned about several new studies I've read on how social media use is negatively impacting our mental health, personal privacy, and productivity. 

At the same time, I believe that both Facebook and Twitter have done more to divide than unify our country. Too many of my own friendships suffered irreparable damage during the 2016 election season, thanks to the sharing of volatile comments and misleading information on Facebook and Twitter. As a result, I am no longer comfortable using most social media.*

I like to think of this blog as a safe space for posting the sort of material I posted for family and friends on Facebook. And if you followed my Sunday columns in The Daily Tribune and Michigan Prime magazine (formerly carried by the Detroit Free Press), you'll find similar essays posted here along with my photography and favorite quotes.   

I know that everyone is super-busy these days -- trying to keep up with an endless stream of email, status updates, and blog posts. But there's absolutely no pressure to read or comment on my content here. I don't keep track of who's subscribing, or un-subscribing, and I don't accept advertisements. My aim is to post material that will get you thinking, enhance your relationships, or simply brighten your day. 

Thanks so much for visiting ~ 
Cindy La Ferle

*To read my post detailing my decision to quit Facebook, please click here.


  1. Hello Cindy, I'm not sure how I found you - I think Instagram - but, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your happy things pictures and quotes. I, too, have a love-hate for social media and have un-followed several on FB that were using it either inappropriately or with a negative slant. However, I do think good/positive things come from it, as well. It's put me in touch with many like-minded writers and bloggers through FB groups. I've learned a lot from these people. I think adjusting and limiting what we want to take from social media is an individual thing. It should be a stepping stone to connect with others and not a pit to get lost in the abyss. Keep brightening our days and I'll keep sharing it. :)


    1. Thanks so much, Laurie, and I'm happy to meet you! I am going to check out your blog and read your writing too. As for Facebook, I do agree that good connections come from it, and I enjoyed many aspects of Facebook when I used it. Aside from the political angst, however, I started noticing that I was abusing Facebook in other ways, and I didn't like some of the things it brought out in me (boasting, time-wasting, and more) so I needed a break. There's definitely an art to managing Facebook use -- and I struggled with it. Looking forward to reading your work, Laurie!

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