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As a lifestyles columnist, I’ve followed several new studies on how social media use is negatively impacting our mental health, personal privacy, and relationships. After the 2016 election, I decided to withdraw from social media sites that do more to divide than unite people. As an added bonus, I now have more hours to work on creative projects and to spend with loved ones. 

One of my favorite projects is sharing my "photo stories," which involves pairing my photographs with quotes that resonate with the images. Many of the quotes I use here were pulled from books I've read, then copied into the blank journals I've kept over the years. Others have been clipped from magazines and other sources. (I check attributions as carefully as possible before posting the quotations -- and apologize for any oversights or errors.) 

I created this blog to share something personal with my friends, family, and column readers -- not to build a platform or a following. I don't keep track of subscribers or followers, nor do I accept advertising. My goal, from the start, simply has been to engage or inspire. Many readers have asked for permission to share my posts on social media, so I've added social media gadgets at the end of each post.

Thanks so much for visiting ~ 
Cindy La Ferle
Contact: cindy@laferle.com


  1. Hello Cindy, I'm not sure how I found you - I think Instagram - but, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your happy things pictures and quotes. I, too, have a love-hate for social media and have un-followed several on FB that were using it either inappropriately or with a negative slant. However, I do think good/positive things come from it, as well. It's put me in touch with many like-minded writers and bloggers through FB groups. I've learned a lot from these people. I think adjusting and limiting what we want to take from social media is an individual thing. It should be a stepping stone to connect with others and not a pit to get lost in the abyss. Keep brightening our days and I'll keep sharing it. :)

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